Trucking and Transportation Litigation

Sherbow has wide experience representing trucking companies and truck drivers in accident-related claims alleging personal injury, catastrophic loss and property damage, as well as statutory violations and vehicle code
violations; and in assisting clients in responding to catastrophic losses by coordinating the accident scene investigation.  Our emergency response team is always available to immediately respond to catastrophic accidents. Our team, which consists of attorneys and investigators and accident reconstruction experts, quickly gather facts, manage and document the accident scene, and seek to preserve the
post-crash evidence, ECM, Qualcomm, and similar data. Once the accident investigation is completed, our attorneys are available to assess the evidence, review the medical records, and research the legal issues to provide you with an accurate evaluation of the claim. We focus on providing counsel and advice to clients quickly after a catastrophic loss to attempt to resolve claims prior to litigation in a cost-effective and efficient manner. If the claim cannot be resolved and a lawsuit is filed, Sherbow attorneys are well adept at defending such complex cases. Our group strives to assist clients in resolving claims efficiently and in a cost-effective manner that meets the clients’ goals through pre-litigation investigation assistance and litigation.

To learn more about our trucking and transportation litigation capabilities, please feel free to reach out to our office today.

Trucking & Transportation

Sherbow’s transportation practice group counsels clients on a wide array of matters. We are a full-service trucking and transportation law firm. We handle truck accidents and trucking litigation throughout Michigan. We also counsel our trucking clients on any business matter that is unique to the trucking industry. Businesses that provide transportation and freight shipping services deal with health and safety risks, regulatory and legislative restrictions, employment and labor concerns, even specialty coverage issues. The Transportation attorneys and Trucking Industry lawyers at Sherbow are experienced and knowledgeable in helping trucking and transportation companies manage the day-to-day legal risks of their businesses.

Experience Matters

Our most senior attorneys have decades of experience navigation through complex trucking and transportation matters. Our vast experience enables us to provide comprehensive advice to trucking and transportation


We are able to provide counsel for various trucking and transportation concerns, which include:

  • Trucking accidents and personal injury claims
  • Catastrophic and fatality claims
  • Cargo
  • Michigan Overweight Violations
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act compliance
  • Owner/operator contracts and disputes
  • Contracts
  • Corporate reorganization
  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • Formation of corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies
  • Collections
  • Disputes with shippers

To learn more about our trucking and transportation capabilities, please feel free to reach out to our office today.