Corporate & Transactional

Corporate & Transactional

From formation through financing, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, Sherbow’s corporate lawyers advise companies on at every lifecycle stage. By taking a personal approach to the practice of law we are able to establish relationships, which enable us to understand your needs and provide solutions to the various problems every corporation, small business and emerging entrepreneur will face during their lifetime. The corporate and commercial law team at Sherbow regularly provides direction and assistance to clients on a myriad of issues facing new and established businesses, including choosing whether a business should be formed as a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or another type of entity. Upon selection of the appropriate entity type, Sherbow provides guidance and assistance in preparing the necessary formation documentation, including the initial filings and the corporate governance documents such as bylaws for corporations and operating agreements for limited liability companies. Sherbow also understands the complex challenges faced by companies’ officers and directors in ongoing corporate governance, and our team actively participates in meetings of boards of directors and shareholders for many of our corporate clients.

Experiences Matters

Our most senior attorneys have decades of experience navigating through complex corporate and commercial law matters. Our vast experience enables us to provide comprehensive advice and corporate services to clients across a wide array of industries.


We are able to provide counsel for a wide array of corporate and transactional law concerns, which include:

    Contract drafting and negotiation

    Copyright protection and litigation

    Trademark protection and litigation

    Setting up your Business

    Contract dispute litigation

    Criminal Law

    Business Formation and Governing Documents


    Commercial Litigation Licensing

    Business Planning and Evaluation Risk Management

    Commercial Transactions

    Real Estate

    Work for Hire Agreements

Whether you are a small business looking for personalized attention as you get started, a fortune 500 company that requires complex commercial litigation or are an organization that just requires advice on day-to-day operations, we have the experience and expertise you need.

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